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Tissue Embedding Station
  • The full automatic procedure control can make it possible for presetting the start time of any weekday in one week
  • The new rubber silcon calorific material has been used to make it heat up quickly and heated equally, and energy-saving
  • The temperature survey integration block from American DALLAS Corporation has been used to make it precise in temperature survey and credible in performance. LCD displays working state with icon
  • Five heating zones, paraffin tank,dispensor, left tank, right tank, working area , can work independent without interference with five temperature control line , servel overheat-avoidance devices to protect the heating system
  • It possesses the function of memorization to keep the set temperature automatically after startup
  • Tissue embedding system, cooling plate and conservation table can use seperately or combined at your option
  • Heating working area and forcep holder is convenient to embed the tissue
  • New frequency conversion compressor used in cooling plate to adjust the temperature freely to adjust
    between +50℃~-35℃
  • The cooling spot on embeding center can refrigerate the tissue specimen immediately
  • Large voulmn paraffin tank ensure the capacity to finish work one time
  • Low voltage illuminating system for safty operation , two startup model : manua and foot switch
  • Large working aera is convenient to clean paraffin
  • Precise in time display, and it is simple for timing


Tissue Embedding Station 


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