Baygen identifies problems in pathology laboratories professionally by using variety of chemicals and due to most of these chemicals are heavier than air. Baygen offers you scentless pathology laboratory by equipments which are produced in house and meet your requirements. Due to the possibility of giving rise to situations that endanger the safety of the user such as aerosol  generation, fire and explosion risk of bunsen burner which is one of the basic equipments of microbiology laboratories, our company developed micro incinerator, an electric loop sterilizer device  whose design gives priority to consumer safety with patented technology instead of bunsen burner.

In Turkey and especially in Central Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions where chronic brucellosis appears as intense, we use strains of Brucella Coombs' test.Thanks to this,we solve the woes of other serological tests at the stage of brucellosis diagnosis.Baygen aims to produce innovative,technological and life-enhancing products.

The following targets are the priorities of the company; Baygen always looks ahead while it produces these kinds of products, takes steps in the way of exports as another companies engaged in export and adds value to the reserves of the country’s economy.